Travel Advice-Sharing Apps : Roamer

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Travel Advice-Sharing Apps : Roamer

The ‘Roamer’ App Lets You Share Your Fave Spots with Other Travelers

The best way to know where to travel or what to see when abroad is to get recommendations from friends, so the ‘Roamer’ app is a dedicated way for you to access information in a streamlined manner. The app works by letting travelers share their favorite destinations, routes and advice with friends or communities to ensure it’s always easily accessible for them to read. The app can be linked with your iPhoto photo roll or Instagram account to let everyone see what you’ve done to offer them a snapshot of what your trip looked like in a nutshell for inspirational purposes.

The ‘Roamer’ app speaks to the growing number of consumers who are partaking in adventure travel and looking for crowdsourced information on the best sights to see.


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