real swords Damascus steel ancient chinese sword knife carving rosewood Longquan

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new handmade chinese swords steel real swords Damascus steel ancient chinese sword knife carving rosewood Longquan

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There are more than 2600 years ago Chinese sword sword, Longquan, one of the ten ancient sword China [1]. Now the general refers to the Zhejiang Longquan area, according to the traditional casting process of Han sword. The legend is made by Ou Yezi. Ou Yezi to cast the sword, Keats chisel hill, released the mountain stream, lead to the next to a furnace swords in the seven stars of the Big Dipper annular pool is the name seven. After the sword into, overlooking the blade, like climbing a mountain and looking down into the abyss, and deep misty seems to have dragon plate lying is name “dragon in the abyss”. This sword named Yue “seven ryongyon”, referred to as the Dragon Yuanjian. The Tang Dynasty emperor due to avoid Li Yuanhui, the “and” change the word “spring” word, “said seven Longquan”, referred to as the Longquan sword [1]. About the sword, created in the last week Chuzhi Yin, three thousand years ago. Early swords are very short. The Western Zhou Dynasty, when the warring armies, mainly to the chariot, far the bow and arrow shooting, near the spears are connected in such a short sword, which was mainly used to self-defense. In the late spring and Autumn period, Wu Yue and the two countries have been rising, hegemony in the south. The two countries are in staggered rivers, jungle everywhere in the region of rivers and lakes, difficult to chariot, infantry and Navy gradually became Wuyue forces of the main branches, the sword into the forces of conventional weapons. So between Wu and Yue have paid special attention to the sword of the production, the sword technology is far more than the Central Plains States to become China’s ancient “sword Xiang.” Measurements: Overall: 105cm Blade Length:73cm Handle Length: 26cm thickness at guard:0.9cm width at guard:3.9cm Weight:1.4kg Damascus steel, rosewood, alloy Product pictures

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