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HTC U12 Plus announced without a display notch

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HTC U12 Plus announced without a display notch

After most of its all-star design team went over to Google, it seemed like the end was near for HTC’s mobile business. But here we are almost half way into 2018, and HTC has introduced an intriguing device. While the company’s place in the market is still uncertain, HTC appears to be suffering few ill effects after its major shuffle.

On Wednesday, HTC unveiled a brand new flagship—you may have seen it leaked—known as the U12 Plus. The company claims its new device is “bigger, bolder, and edgier than ever,” with an expansive 6-inch Quad HD+ LCD display (2880 x 1440), Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB of RAM, and 3,500mAh battery. These are the kind of specs you’d expect from a flagship phone in 2018.

Where the U12 Plus stands out is with its numerous features. Similar to the U11—and later implemented in the Pixel 2—HTC’s device comes with Edge Sense technology, which has been upgraded to support even more interactions. Consequently, expect Google to (hopefully) piggyback off the U12 Plus’ ideas later this fall.

With Edge Sense 2.0, the U12 Plus supports squeeze functionality, double tap, and hold, and it also recognizes which hand you’re using. Each new interaction can perform multiple actions; squeeze the device to launch Google Assistant, take a photo, or bring up HTC’s Edge Launcher. Double Tap can be used as a back button or to adjust the display for easier one-handed use.


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