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Game of Thrones Screencap Recap: Episode 801, “Winterfell”

Game of Thrones Screencap Recap: Episode 801, “Winterfell”
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Now that you’ve seen the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere, it’s time to take a deep dive with our screencap breakdown. Let’s begin.

We start with a random kid who just wants to see the strange army of Unsullied and Dothraki march through the winter town on their way to Winterfell.

Arya remembers what that was like. She was full of wonderment and excitement when King Robert and his court came calling at Winterfell, so she graciously lets the kid through.

Daenerys’ army is a long way from home.

Jon and Dany ride together. But the people of the North are unimpressed with the dragon queen…

…and her court, which is full of people with skin tones they’ve never seen before.

Seriously, the Northerners do not have happy greeting faces:

But that’s okay, because her dragons will help sort it all out. That’s a proud mother right there.

Sansa is just thinking about how she’s going to house and feed them.

Here’s a gorgeous shot of Winterfell from a dragon’s eye view.

Jon is excited to see his brother Bran.

But Bran is a million miles away. “110010101110001,” says the robot that replaced him.

At least Sansa is happy to see Jon.

She’s not thrilled see Daenerys, either, nor is the rest of the Northern greeting party by the looks of it. I’m looking at you, Lady Mormont.

Sansa and Dany are already off on the wrong foot. Shade has been thrown. But what’s got Daenerys most shook is Bran reminding us that Viserion is now playing for the other team, the undead team. Dany is probably imagining having to fight and kill one of her children.

Inside the Winterfell Great Hall, little Lord Ned Umber needs more horses and wagons to get his people from the Last Hearth. Fare-thee-well, little Lord Umber, we hardly knew you.

Poor Jon, sandwiched in between his sister and his girlfriend.

They do NOT like each other.

I mean, they really do not like each other. Dragons eat whatever they want, y’all.

Sansa and Tyrion reunite. It’s tense, but no one dies, so it’s still decent by Game of Thrones standards.

“1101010111000000110101010.” Oh come on, can someone please put Bran back inside?

Arya and Jon have the reunion we were waiting for.

I’m not crying, you and Jon are crying.

Arya still has Needle, and she’s proud to show Jon.

Jon shows her Longclaw.

Jon complains about Sansa, Arya defends her, and they hug it out. Dawwww.

Ever noticed that everything in the North is tinged with a blue light? It’s to remind that it’s really cold. But in the south…

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