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Emilia Clarke is still waiting on that Daenerys wig

Emilia Clarke is still waiting on that Daenerys wig
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Emilia Clarke is still out there promoting her holiday-themed romcom, Last Christmas, giving interviews left and right and telling all sorts of stories, from her Game of Thrones days and otherwise.

She made a particularly memorable stopover with BBC Radio 1. Watch her typically delightful interview below, and then we’ll hit the highlights!

First up, Clarke describes herself as a “goody two shoes” and chides herself out for not being bold enough to take something home from the Game of Thrones set. “Everybody took something,” she remembers. “I was like, ‘P-p-p-p-please sir, can I take a wig? Seeing as there’s eight and I played the role for ten years?’” The wig is, presumably, still in the mail.

I also liked her response when asked if there were any Daenerys lines she’ll never forget. “I’m a Khaleesi, not a queen” is a contender. She also offers up “We’ll break the wheel togeth…” and mimes getting stabbed before she can get out the thought.

Obviously, Daenerys’ final arc inspired some strong feelings. Clarke says she gets people telling her how they thought the final season should have gone “quite a lot.” And there are great fan interactions, too — people who express love for her work, or talk about her SameYou charity — but these sort have a way of sticking out, don’t they?

The worst one I got recently – and it really hurt, like it genuinely cut me up a little bit – I was in a supermarket the day after episode 5 had aired of the last season when Daenerys had just gone out, all out … had a moment…This woman turned to me and went, “I don’t know how you can show your face around here.” And I literally went *pained gasp* “I just came to get some milk.” It was heartbreaking.

Looking back further, Clarke remembered having to used to assuming “Khaleesi” posture again whenever she would come back to film a new season. Daenerys has “perfect posture,” as Clarke puts it: “rod up your ass, nothing moves, you are just still.” But when she would return after a break, she often wanted to try getting looser with it. “She doesn’t need to sit up straight!” And the directors would give her a few takes before she got back into Mother of Dragons mode.

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Some other fun bits:

  • Between Game of ThronesStar Wars and Last Christmas, Clarke has shown ability in a lot of genres. Would she ever do a Western? “Westerns are not my thing that I would watch lots of,” she said. “It’s mainly just boys.”
  • Believe it or not, “Last Christmas” is her favorite Christmas song. And also a song called “Stay Another Day” I’ve never heard of I’ll just assume is a British thing.
  • Peter Dinklage is the best swearer on the Game of Thrones set.
  • Clarke realized she was famous when The Simpsons parodied Game of Thrones, a show she and her brother grew up loving.

Also, skip to 20:22 too see Clarke making her best “photo-ruining face.” If only Dany had ever made that one…

Last Christmas is in theaters now!

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