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Boogie Board Snorkeling Rafts for Kids and Adults

Boogie Board Snorkeling Rafts for Kids and Adults

The kids want to go snorkeling, but no one wants to use a mask and snorkel. You need a snorkeling raft! These fun flotation devices have a clear window in the bottom. The whole family can view and film all the sea life they want from the comfort of a raft. These clear bottom inflatable snorkeling rafts have special features that make being on the water even more fun for you and the kids. Let’s take a look at them now to see which one will head out to the beach with you.

Sea Window Explorer

  • Designed for kids
  • Clear window magnifies view underneath
  • Safety features incorporated in design
  • Lightweight, packs small for travel

Sea Window Atlantis

  • Made for adults, but comfortable for kids, too
  • Clear window magnifies view underneath
  • Safety features incorporated in design
  • Lightweight, packs small for travel


  • Made for kids, but big enough for some adults
  • Entire raft bottom is transparent
  • Easy to inflate with pump or by mouth
  • Lightweight, packs small for travel
  • Oar locks for paddles (sold separately)

Sea Window Explorer Kids Snorkeling Raft

The Sea Window company has both the Explorer here and the Atlantis below. The Explorer is ideal for kids and teens up to 145 pounds and 5 feet tall. If your kids haven’t taken a snorkeling class, there’s no problem.

They can lay face down on the raft and view the reef from the window on the surface of the water. They won’t need a mask or snorkel at all. They can even wear their prescription lenses or sunglasses. And the inflatable headrest is adjustable for perfect comfort.

Thoughtful and innovative design

The clear window is made of strong, double-layered plastic. There’s a neat trick in the design that lets you choose how the window works. If you leave an air pocket between the two layers, the view below is just normal.

But if you fill the space between with water, it magnifies the view up to 25%, bringing everything closer. This magnified view is handy because there is also a camera mount on the bottom of the raft. Your son or daughter can hook up their GoPro camera to film all the action under the water.

Safety first

Now, since this is a snorkeling raft for children, there’s always safety concerns. To make the inflatable as safe as possible for kids, there are multiple air chambers. If the raft springs a leak in one section, the rest of it should remain afloat. But springing a leak is unlikely since the raft is built from durable 12-gauge PVC plastic. This is an inflatable made for repeated enjoyment.

Easy to transport

Sure, the Explorer raft seems like a great investment, but can it travel well? If you’re wondering about size and weight, it’s pretty small and light. You can definitely fit in a luggage case. It’s shipped in a 12 by 12 by 3.5-inch thick box, and it weighs only 2.6 pounds. It seems that Sea Window carefully considered all the details of this boogie board raft.

But what about adults?

Since the Explorer only inflates up to 47 inches long by 25 inches wide, you’ll need an adult-size inflatable raft. If you’d like to accompany your child on a snorkel rafting trip, check out the Sea Window Atlantis below.

Sea Window Atlantis snorkeling raft for adults

Skip the snorkel and goggles on this trip. You can have fun with your own snorkeling raft, too. Sea Window created the Atlantis for adults up to 7 feet tall that weigh up to 275 pounds, but kids can use it, too. It has a clear window in the bottom of the raft just like the Explorer.

This nifty two-layered window works in two ways. Leave it filled with air for a normal view of the sea floor. Or you can fill it up with water between the layers to make the coral reef below look 25% larger. This technology invented by Sea Window is called Aqua-optics, and you need to see it to believe it (no pun intended). You can wear glasses and see everything you’d miss while wearing a snorkeling mask.

Sized for adults but comfortable for the whole family

The Atlantis raft inflates to 29 by 82 inches in size. It has a comfy headrest to support your head while you lay face down in the bottom and watch the fish swim by underneath. The handles mounted on the front and sides of the raft make it easy to lift and carry across the beach or down to the pool. They can also make an insecure swimmer feel a little more comfortable floating on the water.

Sized for travel in a suitcase

If you plan to pack the Atlantis for a trip to Tahiti, it comes in a 15 by 14 by 4 inch box that weighs less than 8 pounds. It won’t take up all your luggage space at all.

AQUAVUE Voyager – Clear Bottom Inflatable Raft

Aquavue’s Voyager is similar to the Sea Window rafts in that it also has a clear window at the bottom of the raft. But instead of a small viewing area, it’s the entire raft floor that’s transparent. This makes for an incredible experience out on the water. While this inflatable is marketed with kids in mind, it supports up to 185 pounds of weight. It inflates up to 64 inches long by 40 inches wide and 12 inches deep, large enough for an adult to enjoy.

If you have a pair of oars, the raft has oar locks mounted on each side. This makes it possible to venture out without depending on a tow or paddling with your hands. And while there are no Aqua-optics to enhance a view of the ocean floor, the thrill of floating in a clear bottom raft might just be enough that Junior won’t ever want to leave the pool.


These three inflatable rafts are bound to take your next trip to the pool or the ocean to a new level of fun. You can tow them like a boogie board on the ocean, or simply enjoy them at the pool. The clear bottom windows make it possible for inexperienced swimmers to enjoy a snorkel-like adventure, and even film it to share with others.
Come visit us again soon to see the newest products that enhance the wonder in the world around you.

Boogie Board Snorkeling Rafts for Kids and Adults

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No-Tie Shoelaces That Make Your Life Easier

No-Tie Shoelaces That Make Your Life Easiert

Tying your shoes just got a lot faster and easier. In fact, forget the tying altogether. You’re about to see how no-tie shoelaces will get you in and out of your shoes in seconds. One solution to avoid tying your shoes is to wear slip-ons. But depending on their fit and the activity you’re doing, footwear without laces might be too loose.

Another option is to pre-tie and knot your shoes, effectively turning them into slip-ons. But that creates the same problem. It’s hard to do a workout if your trainers keep slipping off. And what about folks who have limited mobility, or little kids who haven’t mastered tying yet? Is the only answer to get shoes with Velcro closures?

Nope, there are cooler inventions waiting for you to discover. Let’s review these innovative no-tie laces here.

 Zubits Magnetic closures

  • 3 strength levels and sizes
  • Multiple colors
  • Make use of your current shoelaces
  • Adjustable
  • Probably the the easiest to “unlace”

Lock laces (elastic no tie shoe laces) (pack of 3)

  • Elastic ties replace your current laces
  • Locks make it simple and quick to adjust tension
  • Multiple colors

Hickies 1.0 no-tie shoelaces

  • Flexible rubber straps replace shoelaces
  • Multiple colors
  • Adjustable to “loose, regular, and tight”

1. Zubits – magnetic lacing solution – Never Tie Laces Again!

Zubits - magnetic lacing solution - Never Tie Laces Again

When you open the package, Zubits don’t look all that sexy at first. They’re simply plastic-covered neodymium magnets with three holes for your shoelaces. They really look kind of basic. But their simple appearance is deceptive. Like Clark Kent looks ordinary until he reveals himself to be Superman.

With Zubits, you don’t need to get rid of those cool colored laces that came with your running shoes. You’re going to need those original laces to secure the Zubits in place. The magnetic closure only covers the last three holes. Since you can buy the Zubits in a wide range of colors, you can pretty much match anything from dress shoes to work boots to cross trainers.

Besides color, you’ll also need to select a size and strength level for your Zubits. If you’re buying them for a child or a person with limited mobility, usually Level 1 is sufficient. Level 2 is great for teens and adults going about their normal activities, doing light exercise. Then Level 3 is designed to stay closed during high performance sports or under a lot of pressure.

How do Zubits function? First put on your shoes so you get the perfect fit. Then lace the closed pair of Zubits into your shoes. Use the clip to secure the end of the shoelaces out of sight.

Stand up and see how they feel. If your shoes are tight enough, step on one heel with the other toe and lift up your foot. Ta-da! The Zubits open like doors, breaking their magnetic seal and letting you remove your shoe.

Now put your foot back into the wide open shoe. Snap the Zubits together and you’re done. All laced up and ready to go.

The only downside to Zubits is that they look a bit obvious on some shoes. But Zubits isn’t the only no-tie shoelace on the market. Check out the elastic ties below.

2. Lock laces (elastic no tie shoe laces) (pack of 3)

Lock laces (elastic no tie shoe laces) (pack of 3)

Instead of magnetic closures mounted on shoelaces, LOCK LACES replace your shoe strings with elastic pull cords. You can adjust them to be as tight or loose as you like each time you put on your shoes. Just press the lock and change the tension, then release the lock and you’re set. The teeth lock the cord into place so you never have to re-tie your shoe during the day.

Each LOCK LACE is 48-inches long, enough even to lace up many boots and high tops. If you have a lot left over after you lace them through the eyelets of your shoes, you can trim them down to fit.

For best fit, LOCK LACE recommends lacing your shoes the first time while wearing them. And when you cut off the excess lace, leave a couple of inches for easy adjustments.

Some people prefer LOCK LACES to Zubits or Hickies (the no-tie laces we’ll review below) because LOCK LACES blend in better with athletic shoes. In fact, you may have seen that some brands of outdoor shoes already employ a similar type of shoelace.

Oddly enough, few people seem to have complaints about LOCK LACES. They mostly mention that setting them up the first time is a little harder than they expected.

3. Hickies 1.0 no-tie shoelaces

Hickies 1.0 no-tie shoelaces

Our next contender in the no-tie shoestring market are HICKIES. They are a set of 14 rubbery straps that are adjustable into loose, regular, and tight closure. Like the LOCK LACES, you can pull out your old shoelaces and replace them completely with HICKIES.

HICKIES says “one size fits all” when it comes to these colorful little straps. They aren’t like Zubits where you’ll need to select a size and strength level. And although they look thin and flexible, users are reporting success when using HICKIES for running and other active sports.

It’s not too hard to set up your shoes if you follow the pictorial instructions or watch the video. Start by threading one strap through each set of eyelets on your shoes. You can make them as tight or loose as you wish. Once you’re done, you’ll never have to tie those lace-up shoes ever again.

The HICKIES straps come in a wide variety of colors. You can use different shades for each eyelet, or stick to a simple white or black all the way up the shoe. The main downside is that HICKIES aren’t the best choice for tall basketball shoes or boots unless you want to undo the top ones to put on your footwear.


With so many choices for no-tie shoelaces, we wonder when the shoe manufacturers will begin offering fewer lace-ups and more options like these. Zubits, LOCK LACES, and HICKIES all have their loyal fan followings, so it’s hard to recommend one brand above another. It really comes down to your personal feelings for style, color, and ease of setup and use. One thing is sure—you won’t be bending down to tie a new knot anytime soon after you try one of these innovations. Visit us again soon to see the latest gadgets of the future.

No-Tie Shoelaces That Make Your Life Easier

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Roccbox – Beauty and a beast, Portable Outdoor Oven Reviews

Roccbox reviews
This backyard oven really is taking the outdoor cooking world by storm. Roccbox is getting great reviews from customers and professional chefs alike, gaining #1 ratings from Serious Eats, in the US and both The Times and The Telegraph Newspapers in the UK. Built by Gozney, who have years of experience making commercial pizza ovens, Roccbox is a great looking accompaniment to any backyard chef’s arsenal and has many features worth talking about.

image credit: indiegogo

Is essence, Roccbox is a portable stone-floored oven that will sit on a backyard table or platform and cook amazing Neapolitan pizza that’s pizzeria quality and that you’ll feel like charging your friends for! The oven comes supplied with wood or gas burners so you can be flexible about the way you cook. Roccbox gets up to cooking temperatures of 500°C (932°F) in just 15 minutes, great when you have hungry families and friends to entertain. Fire-up and cook the perfect pizza, or smoke a great BBQ roast, it’s versatile enough to do both. Unlike other ovens, you can see inside when you’re cooking so it’s more difficult to scorch or burn food.

Roccbox comes in two colours, green or grey, and the silicon cover on top of the cooking dome means that it’s safe to handle whilst you’re cooking – important when the kids are about. Weighing just 20kg it’s easily portable and is supplied with a handy carry strap. It comes assembled and can be used straight from the box once the burner is fitted. It’s solid, built to last and can take whatever is thrown at it. The oven also comes with a design-engineered metal pizza peel whose ridges and holes allow easy transfer of pizzas and excess flour to fall through the holes, so there’s no bitter tasting bases here

Visit Roccbox website for more information.

Roccbox – Beauty and a beast, Portable Outdoor Oven Reviews

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Invisible Joining for Cabinets and Furniture with Invis Mx2 Starter Kit

Invis Mx2 Starter Kit

What if you could build cabinets and furniture with completely hidden joinery? You wouldn’t need to patch holes, use glue, or cover up your work with paint or stains. Instead, the join would simply be invisible.

Even better, you don’t need to learn how to do full blind or sliding dovetails or any other new carpentry tricks. All you need is a drill. And the joint will be as easy to undo as it was to create in the first place. Yes, the ultimate way to do invisible joinery is with the Invis Mx2 kit from Lamello.

How to make invisible joins

The Invis Mx2 system is an innovation from a Swiss company called Lamello. They are already known for their high-end carpentry tools like the biscuit joiner. Their founder invented the biscuit joiner system in the 1950s, but the inventions didn’t stop there. The Invis hidden joining system appeared in 2001. It’s amazing to watch because it’s so simple to use.

Lamello’s Invis Mx2 joinery uses male and female fasteners and a rare earth magnet to securely fasten joints together. All you need is a drill to make it work. If you watch this brief video, you’ll see exactly how hidden joinery with Invis works.

  • First, drill the holes for the fasteners
  • Second, drive the fasteners into the holes
  • Third, join the two pieces of wood, matching up the two fasteners
  • Fourth, use your drill with the Minimag attachment to screw the fasteners together invisibly

The joint you just created is secured with over 500 pounds of clamping force. And should you ever want to undo your work, all you need is the drill with the Minimag adapter. Reverse the drill’s direction and the magnet will unscrew the fasteners. Then you can pull the joined pieces apart.

Invis Mx2 Starter Kit

The Invis Mx2 Starter Kit lets you begin to play with invisible joinery as soon as you open the box. It comes with a 20-pack of fasteners, a Minimag attachment for your drill, a drill bit to make perfect-sized holes, a flexible shaft to help you reach difficult places, the Rasto universal drill jig, plus bushing and insertion tools.

Please note that the Minimag driver adapter for your drill needs to operate at 1200 to 1500rpm. This is an absolute must for the magnet inside it to work as designed on the fasteners.
Another point that’s important to consider is the effect of humidity on the joints and Invis fasteners. Invis reports that each screw can move about 0.5mm inside its casing without compromising its 250kg of clamping power.

Why use invisible joinery?

Consider the possibilities of invisible joinery. Hidden joins are elegant, they don’t interrupt the natural flow of the wood grain, and they give any piece of furniture an expertly-made appearance.

Plus, the Invis Mx2 system is much quicker to use than cutting dado or dovetail joints. You don’t need any special tools or saws to do miter joints or splines. And the kit comes with the Rasto jig to help you get both parts of the fastener in the perfect place on both pieces of the wood you’re joining.

Speaking of the Rasto jig, let’s take a look at this deceptively simple piece of plastic with pins. It comes as part of the Invis Mx2 kit.

Rasto, the universal drill jig that helps you get it right every time

Rasto eliminates the need to measure and mark before you drill. It makes it possible to perfectly align the Invis fasteners so you get a smooth join every time.
It comes with three pins to hold it in the desired position. Then the sturdy transparent plastic jig itself is perforated with 180 positioning holes. You don’t need to mark anything, just drill right through the jig.

Some of the ways that you can use Rasto are:

  • Drilling precise holes for the Invis Mx fasteners or wooden dowels
  • Sinking holes for mounting objects like hinges and handles that need exact placement

It is possible to purchase the Rasto System drill jig separately, but it may be a little hard to find. It’s easier and cheaper to get it as part of the Starter Kit.
Also included in the Invis Mx2 Starter Kit are these two-part fasteners below, but you can purchase them separately to build more projects.

INVIS Mx2 Fasteners, 20pack standard studs

Since the Invis Mx2 Starter Kit only comes with 20 fasteners, you might need more. Lamello sells this refill pack of 20 additional studs and elements matched in male and female pairs. They are the same size as the original fasteners in the kit, 12 x 37mm elements and 12 x 14mm studs.

Invis Mx Minimag, the magnetic drill attachment

Although you’ll need the Invis fasteners for the Minimag to work, should you want a second drill attachment, it’s also sold outside of the Starter Kit. This could be useful if you gave your handcrafted furniture with invisible joins to someone and included this adapter. Then the person who received the gift would be able to use a drill to disassemble the joints if needed.
How does this magnetic drill adapter work? When it’s rotated at a speed between 1200 and 1500rpm, the magnetic field of the rare earth magnetic turns the screw inside the Invis joiner. If you reverse the direction of the drill, you unscrew the join. Easy!


The INVIS Mx2 Starter Kit from Swiss company Lamello is a high-end, high quality tool set. The Invis magnet driven connecting fittings may not be what you’ll want for everyday kinds of carpentry work. Instead, they are ideal when you’re building cabinets or furniture that needs to be disassembled repeatedly. Or if you have the perfect coffee table or dresser design that calls for hidden joins to preserve the artistic flow of the piece.
Come visit us again soon if you love tools, electronics, and seeing the latest in gadgets that make life easier.

Invisible Joining for Cabinets and Furniture with Invis Mx2 Starter Kit

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The Best Contoured Body and Pregnancy Pillows 2018

Best Contoured Body pillow

That bundle of joy in a pregnant belly sure makes it hard for a mama to sleep comfortably. Pregnant women, just like other folks with back pain, need support when lying down. And the easiest answer to this problem is a contoured body pillow.

The best pregnancy pillows cradle a body to relieve pressure on the spine. But it’s not only pregnant women who love using them. People with herniated disks, sciatica, fibromyalgia, and other health conditions find the relief they need to rest when they use contoured pillows.

Let’s take a closer look at the top maternity pillows to see which one will be the best for you.

A quick look

Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow Inflatable

  • More like an air bed than a pillow
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Shaped to allow pregnant woman to lay face down
  • Declination relieves pressure on the back

Leachco Snoogle

  • C-shape cradles front or back side, from head to knees
  • Takes pressure off back, hips, and knees
  • Removable machine-washable cover

Leachco Back N’ Belly

  • Hourglass shape never needs to be adjusted during sleep
  • Relieves pressure off back, hips, knees
  • Removable machine-washable cover

PharMeDoc Fully Body Pregnancy Pillow

  • Versatile pillow has C-shape, but can be molded into support for sitting up
  • Thicker than Snoogle, works as a nursing cushion, too
  • Removable machine-washable cover

Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillows Are The Maternity Pillows That Allow You To Lie On Your Stomach During Pregnancy

When you first see the Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow, you may notice its similarity to an air mattress. In fact, it’s a lot like an air bed, not just a pillow. But its design isn’t flat, it’s curved, because it’s specially made to relieve pressure on the back.

The Cozy Bump is inflatable, so it’s easy to store and transport in its carrying bag when it’s not needed. You can fill it with any air pump that’s compatible with a camping mattress. It only takes a couple of minutes to get it ready.

Once it’s inflated, the soft surface beckons you with its flocked texture. The feel of it is similar to what you’ll find on an air mattress.

The pillow’s design is sloped, with one end thicker than the other. It has a bump in the center, and the bump surrounds an opening made to accommodate a pregnant tummy. That way a pregnant woman can lay down with her stomach inside the pillow. There’s no pressure on her baby, and she’ll instantly feel relief for her back.

Other users with low back pain have also enjoyed the Cozy Bump. The shape allows them to lay face down, something many of them haven’t been able to do for a long time. The company quotes a chiropractor who recommends the pillow to his patients because the bump and decline takes pressure off the back, which is very comfortable for those with herniated disks.

For users who aren’t pregnant, it isn’t necessary to inflate the ring around the opening. It has a separate air valve and can be left alone.

There are just a few points to note regarding the Cozy Bump. One, it needs to be inflated all the way to provide the right amount of support. Two, you will need an air pump to fill it since filling it by mouth isn’t possible. And three, the maximum recommended weight it can support is 300 pounds.

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

The Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow was invented by a mom who’s also a registered nurse. She had first-hand experience with the discomfort that pregnant women face when they try to lay down and sleep. Now, instead of piling up a variety of regular pillows, women can enjoy the comfort that comes from just one C-shaped Snoogle.

The Snoogle balances the need for support against the extra body heat that many pregnant women suffer. Its curved design cradles the whole body, from head to knees. You can use it curled around your back or cradled between your arms, whichever way is most comfortable. But the curved shape is made to let your body breathe so you don’t overheat while using it.

Another thoughtful feature is the removable cover. This sham-style pillowcase is machine-washable. The Leachco company sells replacement covers should you want to have more than one on hand.

But don’t be fooled by the fact that pregnant women love this pillow. Its design is perfect for anyone who is suffering back or hip pain for any reason. And so is the next one below.

Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow

Also by Leachco, the same company who makes the Total Body Pillow, is the Back N’ Belly Contoured Body Pillow. These two products differ a bit in shape. While the Total Body Pillow is made in the form of a letter C, the Back N’ Belly looks like the outline of an hourglass. This form hugs both your back and belly at the same time, putting your hips into a neutral position.

The purpose is to relieve not just back pain, but also support your body during pregnancy, or if you suffer from reflux, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, or even a cold. The double-curved shape lets you simply roll from one side to another without having to rearrange the pillow around your body.

Leachco sells replacement pillow cases for this pillow. Each case, or sham cover, is machine-washable.

PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow – Baby Nursing Cushion & Maternity Pillow for Pregnant Women – Belly & Back Support Cushion with 100% Cotton Pillow Cover – C Shaped

If you like the C-shape of the Leachco Total Body Pillow, but want something a little more substantial, you may prefer the PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow. Not only is it a back support pillow, it can also serve as a nursing cushion for new parents.

The best feature of the Pregnancy Pillow is that it’s very versatile. You can curve it around the front or back of your body, plus you can mold it into a spiral shape that supports your back while you sit up in bed.

The pillow comes with a zippered machine-washable pillow cover. PharMeDoc also sells replacement covers. They offer a lifetime warranty on their product, along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


When you’re suffering with back pain or an achy body, the right body pillow can make all the difference for a good night’s sleep. We hope we helped you discover the perfect maternity pillow today. Check back soon for new reviews of the best products for comfort and fun at home and on the road.

The Best Contoured Body and Pregnancy Pillows 2018

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Best Laser projection keyboard Review 2018

You can bring science fiction to life with your own Bluetooth virtual keyboard. Forget those roll-up and miniature tablet keyboards, they’re so 1990s. For real portability, you need a laser keyboard.

What is a laser projection keyboard? Let’s take a look at some of the best virtual keyboards and you’ll see for yourself.

Celluon EPIC Ultra-Portable Full-Size Virtual Keyboard

The EPIC from Celluon is a silver and black box that stands under 3 inches tall, 1.5 inches wide, and measures just over half an inch thick. But don’t let its small size deceive you. It casts a full-size QWERTY keyboard onto any opaque surface in front of you.

You’ll notice that all the virtual keys are outlined by red light. That’s the laser projection of the keyboard’s template. As we aren’t in on the top secret specifics of how this particular keyboard works, we can only give a general overview. We suspect that there is a sensor embedded in the device, and it may also emit infrared light (which is invisible to humans) too.

As you type, your fingers interrupt the light, and the EPIC’s sensor translates those interruptions into keystrokes. Then it communicates what you’re writing over Bluetooth to your phone, tablet, or computer. And that’s all you need to type your homework or browse for cat videos.

The EPIC uses Bluetooth version 3.0, so it’s compatible with iPhones, Android and Blackberry smartphones, as well as Windows and Mac computers. Basically, it works with anything that can pair over Bluetooth with a keyboard.

As for the best surface to use, transparent glass is a bad idea. But anything opaque and flat, like a tabletop, a book, or even the floor can become your new “keyboard.” Even cooler, the EPIC virtual keyboard becomes a mouse trackpad with the press of a button if it’s paired with a PC instead of a mobile device. You’ll also be able to adjust its sensitivity, the brightness of the laser light, and the little sounds it emits when you type.

Of course, the downside is that you’ll need to remember to charge your keyboard every once in a while. It has a built-in lithium-ion battery that you can refill by plugging in a USB cable.

Check out this video to see the Celluon EPIC Virtual Keyboard in action:

Celluon, in Korea, was one of the first companies to start manufacturing virtual keyboards in 2002.

AGS Wireless Laser Projection Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard for iPhone, iPad, Smartphones, and Tablets

AGS also makes two red laser QWERTY keyboards similar to Celluon’s EPIC. The first model we’re reviewing here has a projection that’s angled toward the top instead of appearing completely rectangular. And the projector itself is thicker and taller than the Celluon model, measuring 4.7 inches tall by 2.8 inches wide by 2 inches thick.

This AGS keyboard pairs over Bluetooth v3.0 with practically any device that also has Bluetooth enabled, including PCs with Windows or Mac, as well as tablets and smartphones running iOS and Android.

Users are reporting up to three hours of battery life if they use the keyboard continuously. Then it’s simple to charge over USB with your computer or a phone charger.

As you type, the device makes a soft beep with each key you “press.” But this sound can be disabled. You can also use the keyboard as a mouse—just press the angled arrow key in the bottom row.

We’ve heard a couple of complaints for this AGS laser keyboard. One is that the SHIFT button works like a CAPS LOCK. Another is that the laser is somewhat dim and works best where the ambient light in the room is also dim. As a result of these two issues, the happiest users seem to be the ones who use this keyboard for light-duty with a media center, not as a full-time tool for everyday work.

AGS Laser Projection Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard & Mouse for iPhone, iPad, Smartphone and Tablets

The next AGS laser projection keyboard is quite similar to the last one with regards to function, but it’s quite a bit smaller in size. It measures 2.8 inches tall, 2.8 inches wide, and 2 inches in thickness, making it much easier to transport. But it’s still larger than the EPIC from Celluon.

Like the previous two laser keyboards, this device from AGS shines a QWERTY format keyboard onto any opaque, smooth, flat place like a desktop. It’s best to avoid textured or shiny surfaces. But you can pair it with your smartphone, tablet, or your PC, it doesn’t matter as long as both devices can communicate over Bluetooth.

Keep in mind that the keyboard, while advertised as full-size, has smaller keys similar to a tablet keyboard. Users with larger hands may find it difficult to use. On the other hand, its laser appears to be stronger and brighter than the previous model by AGS.

FAQS about virtual keyboards with laser projection

Q: How fast can I type on a laser keyboard?

A: Most laser projection keyboards can handle up to 400 characters per minute. Of course, in reality, your typing speed may be affected by your ability to deal with the smaller-sized keys. And please don’t plan to use one of these for gaming as they may not respond quickly enough.

Q: How far away do I need to place the projector from where I want to type?

A: We’ve found that most projectors for virtual keyboards only need a little space. You can put most of them just two to three inches away from your keyboard space.


Virtual keyboards are a nifty way to transport a versatile input device right in your pocket. If you travel and prefer to have a keyboard with you, a laser projector like one of these won’t take up hardly any space or weight.

Visit us again soon for reviews of top tech products and the best gadgets to make your life better.

If you’d like to see a video review of the AGS keyboard, take a look at this video

Best Laser projection keyboard Review 2018

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Your Guide To Wilderness Survival

As a hunter, I have stranded in the wilderness many times. There came a stage where it seemed impossible to survive. I lost my way, I lived in dark, I had no food. But still I managed to escape. How??All these years of hunting and exploring wilderness, have taught me a good deal about unusual survival tactics to protect myself. These days, most of the novice hunters act quite overconfidently about this profession and consider, only their iPhone and a GPS navigation appis enough to aid them in the race of their ultimate survival. My only question to them, how long can you keep your battery charged??

Survival Tactics Every Hunter Should Know!

There is an array of ways, knowing which can get you out of trouble in any situation. Read on to find your guide to wilderness survival here.

1. Share your Destination

Never leave your place without informing some close pal or family member about your final hunting abode. It is the key point in your survival. At least some of your close fellows must know where you are heading to. In case, you get stranded, it would help them in tracing you out.

2. Don’t Get Panic!

That is the most common mistake that inexperienced hunters commit after straying in the wild. Staying fit both physically and mentally is really important for your survival. If you face such situation, stay calm and cool. Stop, sit and take a deep breath. Think cleverly and plan your way out.

3. Find a Secure Place for Shelter

In a situation like this, the first thing should be to look for a safe campsite. Once you are settled safely, you can plan your survival tactics there. Your shelter should be on a place both high and dry. Simply put, avoid valleys and pathways, as such places are always at the risk of getting flooded(flash flood).

Find a Secure Place for Shelter

4. Start a Fire

Surviving without fire is impossible. You need fire to stay warm, to cook food, to boil water, to keep the predators and bugs away and most importantly, to use as a sign for help. Never forget to store a Firestarter in your survival kit. Even a tactical pen(a tactical pen comes with a number of uses for the strayed) with Firestarter can work for you. In case you’ve missed it, there is another trick to start the fire. Using a battery is a handy way to lit the fire. How? You simply need to short-circuit the battery. Connect the positive and negative terminals to some steel wool, foil or a wire. It would cause a spark. Lit your bundle of wood with it.

5. Look for Drinkable Water

Your body can’t survive without water for more than three days. You’d be lucky if you find a body of potable water in the wild. If water seems polluted (water in puddles), never use it without boiling. What if you don’t find water? Wait for the rain, dew or snow. That’s the best I can suggest in a tricky situation like this. All three are the natural and the safest sources of water and do not require boiling.But unfortunately, you can’t predict weather. What if none of it happens and you don’t get even a single drop of water? My survival tactics are not over yet. Look for the maple trees around. Cutting a hole in its bark releases a liquid. That is quite safe to drink. To survive, gulp it down.

6. Look for Food

Look for Food

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I always advise to pack a bundle of edible items with you. As you can’t predict the duration of your adventure. In case, you are running short of food, look for food in your surroundings. Otherwise, you are going to be the victim of malnutrition. Once that happens, getting out of wild may become a dream. Now the question is; which edibles you can find in such wilderness? Read on your guide to wilderness survival to know more. To cop up with this hard situation, your body needs protein. Let’s hunt around for some bugs, critters, frogs, eggs and lizards. If you happen to be a vegetarian, forests are sourced with edible (and non-edible) berries and plants. Some edible plants include—lambsquarter(wild spinach), dandelions and cattails. Research well about these plants before leaving for the hunt. When you already know about plant’s structure and shape, it would be easier to identify them.

7. Something to Cut

A knife is a must have tool. It helps in a number of ways—for cutting anything, for cooking food and also for your own protection against elements. Before you set out, make sure to pack a couple of tactical knives with you.

8. Use Survival signals

Fire is the most recommended survival signal that you can send to the outer world, especially when you hear the sounds of some plane or rescuer’s helicopter nearby. Find some open place or a hilltop to lit the fire(to avoid the spreading of the fire).Gather twigs and dry leaves from your surroundings to lit the fire. Once the fire is kindled, add spruce leaves and fresh pine to intensify the fire and the smoke. You must have your combustible material saved for this very critical moment (or else you might miss the chance of getting rescued).Don’t forget to extinguish the fire before leaving this spot. The second survival tactic can be a mirror signal. The light that flashes from a mirror signal can travel to miles. Even at night time, you can send a flash signal with moonlight.

Note:It is not essential to have a mirror to send the signal. Any reflective surface including your mobile’s screen, can be improvised in this regard.

9. Find the Best Ways to Navigate


In case, you don’t find any signs of aid from any side (even if the building the fire signal gone useless), it’s time to move on. Don’t waste your time sitting there waiting for aid. You must have some navigation tool, map or a compass. What if you don’t? Get help from mother nature. In the daylight, sun can be a part of your survival tactics in the wild. You know sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Simply following the sun can help in determining your current direction. In the night, get help from the starry sky. Find the Polaris (north star or pole star). It’s lined up with the constellation, little dipper. When you are facing north star, you are actually heading in the north direction.

10. Other Ways to Find your Way!

Every forest or wild area has some mountains, paths or rivers in it. If you find one, keep following it. These often lead to civilization or pathways.

Sheldon Martin is the founder of Captain Hunter. is a site dedicated to the sport of hunting. We have a deep respect for nature and for the environment, and we therefore take the sport of hunting very seriously. Never think that you are alone in the woods again. Our goal is to share what we know with who needs it most.

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Your Guide To Wilderness Survival

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The nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger Review 2018

The nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger Review

Sure, you could settle for a cheap phone charger. But we’re convinced that the nonda ZUS smart car charger is a better deal. We’ll discuss all the reasons why below.

To begin, the ZUS charges two smartphones or tablets at the same time. For example, it can refill the batteries of two iPhone 6s in less than 2 hours. In fact, it can recharge just about any mobile device that accepts 5V.

Specifically, it outputs 4.8A of current, or 2.4A from each USB port when you charge a regular device. And if you have Qualcomm Quick Charge, the ZUS car charger can recharge your phone 2.4 times as fast.

But it’s more than a car charger

But there’s a lot more to the ZUS than the fact that it tops off your phone. It also has a thoughtful design. For example, the two USB ports are reversible. That means you can plug in your charging cable any which way and it will fit. And the ports also have a soft illumination to help you see them in the dark.

Now, have you ever killed a charger by leaving it in your car on a hot day? Fortunately, the ZUS can take the heat. It’s made of German Bayer polycarbonate, a material that meets the US Military High-Temperature Standard. It’s not going to melt during a summer day in Las Vegas.

Next, if you want to install the free app, you can pair the ZUS car charger with your phone. Then you can do surprisingly useful things like check your car battery’s health, log miles traveled, and find your parked car.

The charger’s LED lights blink to show when it’s ready to pair. Then once it’s connected over Bluetooth, the lights stay steady. When you drive around, the app logs your mileage. And that’s handy if you need to track that for expenses.

Once you park the car, the car locator feature remembers where you leave it. But unlike some car finder apps, you don’t need to leave Bluetooth connected. Instead, the ZUS app uses GPS to mark your position. Then later it can tell you how far away you are from your vehicle as long as you’re not parked where you don’t have GPS.

Also unlike other car finders, the ZUS app can help you avoid parking tickets. You can set a timer to remind you when time’s up at the meter. It will warn you ten minutes beforehand, just in case.

Finally, the ZUS app reveals your battery’s health. Since it tracks it over time, it can advise you if there’s a problem developing before you end up needing a jump start. This intriguing feature works along with other products from nonda, like their Smart Tire Safety Monitor.


In conclusion, you might be wondering what other details you need to know about the ZUS Smart Car Charger. To finish up, here is some of the fine print:

The ZUS charger is compatible with iOS 8.0 and later as well as Android 4.3 and newer

  • Works with Bluetooth 4.0 or later
  • Compatible with Carlock, Linxup, Vyncs, Automatic, and Navdy
  • Some BMWs have incompatible cigarette lighter ports
  • Consumes less than 0.2Amps of current while not charging a device
  • nonda offers a 7-day return policy and a 1-year warranty on the ZUS

if you would like to see the ZUS in action, this video from nonda provides a detailed overview. We hope you found our review of the nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger helpful. We love it when multipurpose gadgets like this one make life so much easier!

The nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger Review 2018

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Space Travel Advertisement Posters : NASA EXOPLANET TRAVEL BUREAU


The NASA EXOPLANET TRAVEL BUREAU prints come as a modern series of posters that will provide a glimpse into both the past and the future for retrofuturism fans to enjoy.

The posters were originally created as part of a project directed by D. Delgado of NASA and have been touched up and modernized by Tim Hippmann to make them look as premium as possible. The collection of posters are centered on space travel and come as something of an advertising campaign for different planets in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek manner that is sure to be admired by creatives of all kinds.

The NASA EXOPLANET TRAVEL BUREAU poster series prints are printed on matter museum-quality paper and come in lighter different options.


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Woven Expanding Dental Floss : smart floss

The Dr. Tungs Smart Floss Cleans More Plaque from Between Teeth

The Dr. Tungs Smart Floss has been created to offer a simple yet effective way to clean between your teeth that is different from traditional flosses on the market to ensure the time you spend doing it is as efficient as possible.

The floss features a woven design that will expand when between your teeth to pull out more plaque and debris during the flossing process. This makes it more effective and satisfying to use, which will in turn increase the likelihood that you’ll actually use it on a daily basis.

The Dr. Tungs Smart Floss has a stretchy design that is intended to fit well between teeth that are spaced quite tightly together, which will come as welcome news to many.


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